Employment law

Employment law encompasses the laws and regulations governing the relationships between employers and employees. The frequent changes in legislation make employment law a dynamic branch of law.

Please consider ScheerSanders Advocaten if you are involved in a case related to employment law. We have several specialised employment lawyers. They are members of specialist associations such as the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN) and The Hague Employment Lawyers Association. Your employment law issues are in good hands with us. Would you like to learn more about how we can assist you? Please contact us for additional information without any obligation. We adopt a personal and pragmatic approach to achieve the best possible outcome.

Employment lawyers

Our employment lawyers have all attended specialist training. They are genuine experts, closely monitoring developments and case law in this field. Meet our employment law team: Frederike Werts, Irene Lansen, and Eric-Jan Krijgsman. How may they assist you?

ScheerSanders Advocaten assists both employees and employers

Our employment lawyers represent both employees and employers. Over the years, we have built a diverse and extensive client base, including employers from various industries, ranging from small entrepreneurs to large organisations. Whether you are an employee or an employer, we prioritise you as our client.

Are you an HR/Personnel Department employee in a small to medium-sized business and are you inundated with employment law issues? ScheerSanders Advocaten has an HR helpdesk that promptly provides you with answers to your queries.

We also collaborate with a network of tax advisors, accountants, and civil-law notaries. We can involve them in your case or refer you to them if we deem this necessary for a favourable outcome.

Are you considering engaging an employment lawyer? We would be pleased to discuss your case. Please feel free to contact us at 070 365 99 33 or complete our online contact form for inquiries or to present your issue.

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