Most individuals who are involved in relational conflicts prefer a swift resolution without escalations. Mediation offers a means to achieve this.

Mediation facilitates conflict resolution. Parties do not submit their dispute to a court for a decision but instead, with the help of an impartial mediator, they work together to resolve the conflict. All of our family lawyers are also mediators.

Mediation can be used in case of divorce. This might concern discussions about a care arrangement, child maintenance or spousal maintenance, the division of a community of property, or the settlement of a prenuptial agreement.

Our mediators are affiliated with specialist associations: the Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers and Mediators (vFAS) and Mediation Federation Netherlands (MFN)


There are several benefits compared to each party separately hiring their own lawyer.


  • limits costs
  • provides a mature and future-oriented conflict resolution
  • offers a quicker and fairer outcome (both parties’ interests are addressed simultaneously)
  • provides tailor-made solutions
  • allows control over the outcome
  • preserves the relationship as parents


Meet our team of mediators: Annemarie BraunAugusta van Haga, Hilde Dreesmann-Bruijntjes and Francesco van der Linden.

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