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Many HR/Personnel Department employees in small and medium-sized businesses are inundated with employment law issues. Often, there is not enough time to get to the bottom of each issue or to strategise effectively. Consequently, opportunities are sometimes missed, and problems escalate further than they should.

That is why ScheerSanders Advocaten has set up an HR helpdesk. You receive quick answers to your questions at a special rate. Our HR helpdesk is an accessible service available to all HR managers and employees of SMEs. You can turn to the HR helpdesk with all your questions related to HR and employment law or if you wish to brainstorm about these topics.

A few examples:

  • is a sick employee allowed to perform ancillary activities?
  • what to do about an underperforming employee who reports sick during performance discussions?
  • what is a day’s holiday worth?
  • does an employee have the right to work from home?
  • am I allowed to install a camera at the cash registers?

Our employment lawyers can answer many of these questions quickly because they have dealt with them frequently in their practice.

Moreover, we can provide you with various standard documents related to employment contracts, regulations, performance reviews and assessments, sickness and leave, and settlement agreements.

With this swift and accessible access to consultation and advice on employment law matters, you can address problems at an earlier stage and prevent unnecessary escalation.

Employment lawyers of the HR Helpdesk


We have developed a special subscription for the HR helpdesk. This subscription allows you to use this service at a significantly reduced rate at a fixed annual fee.

Moreover, we can make price agreements on an ad hoc basis per issue, ensuring you know the costs in advance.


The HR helpdesk is available five days a week during office hours. You can reach us by telephone at 070-3659933 and via e-mail at hr-helpdesk@scheer.nl. Because of the promptness of the HR helpdesk, you do not lose unnecessary and valuable time, allowing you to take the right action swiftly! Because in almost all cases, prevention is better than cure.

For more information about our HR helpdesk or to sign up your company, please contact Frederike Werts or Irene Lansen.

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