Employment law for employees

Work is essential for most people. Primarily, it ensures income, but for many, it also provides a sense of fulfillment. That is why it is great if you can make good arrangements with your employer.

Unfortunately, things do not always go smoothly at work. For instance, conflicts with your employer may arise, or you might fall ill. Your employer might also consider terminating your employment. These are times when you may need an employment lawyer.

Issues may arise not only when you are an employee, but also if you are a self-employed worker without employees. You might encounter similar issues with your clients.

If you have questions about agreements with your employer or client, or if you encounter any problems, feel free to contact one of our employment lawyers. We are pleased to assist you.


Our specialist employment lawyers can assist you in the event of:

  • employment contracts and working regulations
  • self-employed professionals and contracts for services
  • expats and international employees
  • non-compete clause, non-solicitation clause, confidentiality stipulation
  • salary, bonus, share options, pay and employee benefits
  • claim for wages
  • GDPR and privacy
  • unilateral change to terms of employment
  • incapacity for work and sick leave
  • industrial accidents and personal injury
  • dismissal
  • industrial disputes
  • unsatisfactory performance
  • reorganisation and redundancy for economic reasons
  • redundancy plan and redundancy scheme
  • settlement agreement (VSO) and severance scheme
  • transition payment and severance payment

Employment lawyers

Our employment lawyers have all attended specialist training. They are genuine experts, closely monitoring developments and case law in this field. Meet our employment law team: Frederike WertsIrene Lansen, and Eric-Jan Krijgsman. How may they assist you?

Concluding an employment contract

When your employer offers you an employment contract, you do not necessarily have to agree immediately. You may seek the advice of our employment lawyers first. We can inform you whether the employment contract is legally sound.

Self-employed professional and contract for services

If you are a self-employed professional, it is crucial to clearly document arrangements with your clients in a contract for services. This contract specifies the work you will perform and the compensation you will receive. We can review or draft a contract for services for you.

Expats and international employees

As an expat or international employee working in the Netherlands, your rights here might differ significantly from those in your home country. Our employment lawyer, Irene Lansen, who has lived and worked abroad for many years, can provide insight into this matter.

Non-compete clause, non-solicitation clause, and confidentiality stipulation

Does your employment contract include a non-compete clause, non-solicitation clause or a confidentiality stipulation? If you have found a new job with a competitor, our employment lawyers can advise you on your options or represent you in potential legal proceedings.

Terms of employment and their modification

Besides salary, you have surely made arrangements about other terms of employment, such as a bonus scheme, share options, a leased car and/or days off. But what if your employer suddenly wants to change these arrangements? We can give you advice in this respect.

GDPR and privacy

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, your employer cannot automatically process all of your data. What data can your employer still store, and for how long? Our employment lawyers can answer these questions and more.

Illness and incapacity for work

If you report sick because of physical complaints, a burnout, or a conflict with your employer, your employer will typically arrange a meeting with the company physician or occupational health and safety service. But what if you disagree with the assessment of the occupational health and safety service? We can give you advice and answer your questions about your rights during illness and rehabilitation.

Industrial accidents and personal injury

You might have an accident at work or cause damage or injury to someone else. Is your employer liable for this damage or injury, and if so, what is the amount of the compensation that the employer must pay? Our lawyer, Eric-Jan Krijgsman, specialises in industrial accidents and personal injury cases.


Your employer has decided to terminate your employment due to unsatisfactory performance or a conflict. But long-term illness or a company reorganisation may also result in dismissal. When and how can your employer dismiss you? Our employment lawyers can give you advice on these matters.


If your employer is forced to reorganise, for example for financial reasons, this could lead to your dismissal. Why do you qualify for dismissal instead of your colleague? Has your employer drawn up a redundancy plan? Does your employer offer you a settlement agreement first? We can give you advice on these issues and more.

Settlement agreement and severance scheme

To avoid a dismissal procedure at the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and proceedings before the subdistrict court, employers often offer employees a settlement agreement (VSO). How much is the transition payment or severance pay? Which notice period should your employer observe? Can you be exempted from performing work? Should your employer pay out your remaining days’ holiday? Does your employer cover the legal expenses? Our employment lawyers can review such a settlement agreement for you and negotiate better terms with your employer. Please also read the blog ‘5 things to know about employer settlement agreements‘ to find out more.

Membership of specialist associations: Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN), The Hague Employment Lawyers Association (VHA).

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