Complaints procedure

ScheerSanders strives to provide you with the best possible service. However, if you are not completely satisfied with a certain aspect of our services or if you have objections to an invoice, this is what you should do:

If you are dissatisfied with our services or have concerns about an invoice, you can submit a complaint to the relevant lawyer and discuss it with them. If this discussion does not lead to a resolution, the complaint can be escalated to ScheerSanders’ complaints officer, Augusta van Haga, or their deputy.

The complaints officer gives you and the relevant lawyer an opportunity to provide further clarification on the complaint. Within one month after the complaint has been submitted to the complaints officer, you and the relevant lawyer will receive a written and reasoned decision regarding the validity of the complaint, along with any recommendations. If this timeframe proves unattainable, you will receive written notification, specifying the deadline by which you can expect the decision.

The firm’s complaints procedure also applies to individuals working under the responsibility of the lawyer.

There are no costs involved in this process for you. Complaints must be submitted within three months of the time that you became aware or could reasonably have become aware of the actions or omissions that prompted the complaint.

Contact person: Augusta van Haga

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