Eric-Jan Krijgsman

Personal injury and employment lawyer

Eric-Jan Krijgsman is a personal injury lawyer specialising in representing victims of accidents, particularly those involved in traffic accidents and workplace incidents. His clients often include individuals who have suffered injuries in these types of accidents. Primarily, his focus is on establishing liability, even if it requires legal proceedings and subsequently working with the victim to assess the personal injury and calculate the compensation.

In addition to his expertise in personal injury law, Eric-Jan specialises in employment law. In this capacity, he provides assistance to both employees and employers in various employment-related conflicts.


+31(0)70 365 99 33

More about Eric-Jan Krijgsman

Eric-Jan is characterised by his legal expertise and tenacity, without losing sight of the human dimension. He is socially adept and brings extensive experience as a lawyer (he was sworn in in 2001).

Additionally, he is a skilled negotiator, a crucial quality in asserting liability, determining personal injury and ultimately reaching a compensation agreement, such as in whiplash cases or workplace accidents. These qualities also prove valuable in his employment law practice.

He has successfully completed specialist training courses for both personal injury law (Grotius) and employment law (PALA).

Specialist areas

Eric-Jan specialises in the following legal subareas:

  • traffic accidents
  • whiplash compensation
  • non-pecuniary damages, also known as damages for emotional distress
  • workplace accidents
  • settlement agreements, including negotiating severance pay
  • instant dismissal (termination without notice)
  • sickness and rehabilitation
  • legal advice on aspects such as notice periods, probation periods, restructuring, etc.

Memberships and registrations

  • Vereniging van Letselschade Advocaten: LSA (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers)
  • Werkgroep Artsen Advocaten: WAA (Working Group of Physicians and Lawyers)
  • Vereniging Haagse Arbeidsrecht Advocaten: VHAA (The Hague Employment Lawyers Association)

In the register of legal practice areas of the Netherlands Bar Association, Eric-Jan has registered the following principal legal practice areas:

  • employment law
  • personal injury

Based on this registration, he is required to obtain 10 training points in each registered principal legal practice area each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.