Hilde Dreesmann-Bruijntjes

Family lawyer and mediator

Within family law, Hilde Dreesmann-Bruijntjes deals with all aspects related to the termination of a marriage/registered partnership or the dissolution of a relationship. Hilde can represent your interests regarding the settlement of prenuptial agreements and the division of community of property. She can also provide targeted advice on child maintenance and spousal maintenance, as well as disputes related to issues of custody and access. Hilde serves as both a lawyer and a mediator.

With her years of experience, Hilde understands the importance of finding suitable solutions.


+31(0)70 365 99 33

More about Hilde Dreesmann-Bruijntjes

Hilde has been providing advice and litigation services in the field of family law since 2005.

If you and your partner cannot come to agreements, Hilde can represent you in legal proceedings. She strives to work with you to find realistic solutions and will discuss with you her assessment of your chances in a legal process. Hilde aims to inform her clients as thoroughly as possible so that they know what to expect.

If legal proceedings are unavoidable, Hilde believes it is crucial that you are well-prepared, enabling you to make well-considered choices regarding the settlement of your divorce.

International law

In recent years, Hilde has focused on divorce cases with an international aspect, allowing her to gain knowledge of foreign law if necessary and provide advice on the international implications of your case.

Child abduction

Hilde is also a specialised international child abduction lawyer and a member of the Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers (D.I.A.L.). Moreover, she is registered with the International Child Abduction Center (CIKO).

Specialist areas

Hilde specialises in the following legal subareas:

  • divorce (national and international)
  • dissolution of registered partnership
  • termination of cohabitation
  • financial settlement (division of community of property, settlement of prenuptial agreements, and settlement of cohabitation agreements)
  • spousal maintenance and child maintenance
  • custody matters
  • access matters
  • drafting and amending parenting plans
  • mediation
  • relocation cases and international child abduction cases
  • child protection matters and juvenile law cases
  • descent matters both as a curator ad litem and as a party lawyer


Because of Hilde’s role as both a lawyer and a recognised divorce mediator, she can also assist you and your partner in creating a settlement agreement and parenting plan during mediation sessions. Hilde prefers to maintain momentum in negotiations and aims to find practical solutions that are acceptable to both parties. As a result, she often concludes mediation sessions promptly and to the satisfaction of her clients.

Memberships and registrations

  • Vereniging voor Familie- en Erfrecht Advocaten en Scheidingsmediators: vFAS (Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers and Divorce Mediators)
  • Vereniging van Nederlandse Jeugdrecht Advocaten: vnja.nl (Association of Dutch Youth Lawyers)
  • curator ad litem at the Court of The Hague
  • the Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers: D.I.A.L.
  • Centrum Internationale Kinderontvoering: CIKO (International Child Abduction Center)
  • member of the standing committee on Family and Youth Law at the Bar Association in The Hague

In the register of legal practice areas of the Netherlands Bar Association, Hilde has registered the principal legal practice area of the law of persons and family law and the following subareas:

  • curator ad litem
  • divorce
  • maintenance cases and contact arrangements
  • private international law
  • international child abduction
  • youth protection law
  • mediation
  • parenthood and acknowledgment

Based on this registration, she is required to obtain 10 training points in each registered principal legal practice area each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.

If you have an issue or challenge related to the above legal practice areas, please contact Hilde.