Francesco van der Linden

Family lawyer and mediator

Francesco van der Linden serves as a family lawyer, assisting clients who are going through separation (divorce, dissolution of a registered partnership, or the termination of cohabitation) or are already separated. He guides them in resolving matters such as maintenance, division of shared assets, settlement of prenuptial agreements, and the dissolution of cohabitation agreements. Francesco is frequently engaged as a mediator to facilitate parties towards joint solutions, but he also provides representation to clients individually.


+31(0)70 365 99 33

More about Francesco van der Linden

Francesco is direct, honest, decisive, and works efficiently. Clients need to know where they stand, and he also takes into account the emotional aspect of the situation. He strives to bring parties to an agreement as much as possible. A negotiated settlement is preferred over legal proceedings, considering the interests of children, expediency, and cost factors. If an agreement proves unattainable, he is prepared to institute legal proceedings.

Economic background

From the beginning of his career, Francesco has specialised in family law and has a strong affinity with cases involving entrepreneurs and/or significant financial interests. His economic background enables him to comprehend financial figures. He often collaborates closely with accountants, tax advisors, and pension consultants.

Specialist areas

Francesco specialises in the following legal subareas:

  • divorce
  • dissolution of registered partnership
  • termination of cohabitation
  • financial settlement (division of community of property, settlement of prenuptial agreements, and settlement of cohabitation agreements)
  • spousal maintenance and child maintenance
  • custody arrangements
  • mediation

Memberships and registrations

  • Vereniging voor Familie- en Erfrecht Advocaten en Scheidingsmediators: vFAS (Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers and Divorce Mediators)
  • Mediatorsfederatie Nederland: MfN (Mediators Federation Netherlands)
  • registered mediator at the court
  • registered mediator at the Legal Aid Board
  • editorial member of PO online
  • board member of the Foundation for Disciplinary Proceedings in Divorce Mediation

In the register of legal practice areas of the Netherlands Bar Association, Francesco has registered the principal legal practice area of the law of persons and family law and the following subareas:

  • divorce
  • maintenance cases and contact arrangements
  • mediation
  • parenthood and acknowledgment

Based on this registration, he is required to obtain 10 training points in each registered principal legal practice area each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.