Inheritance law

Dealing with a death is often emotionally challenging. Moreover, settling an estate involves more than you might anticipate.

What steps should be taken immediately after the death? Are you entitled to information or a copy of the estate records? What can you do if you do not reach an agreement with other heirs? Or what are the options if you disagree with the executor of the will?

Receiving clear and proper information from an expert helps you to independently settle an estate yourself and to do so within a reasonable period of time. Our inheritance law specialist can provide the necessary support.


Our specialist inheritance lawyer can assist you in the event of:

  • settling and dividing the estate
  • disputes with the executor or as the executor with the heirs
  • calculating and claiming the statutory share (child’s share)
  • discussions or lack of clarity about the contents of a will

Lawyer specialised in inheritance law

Meet our inheritance law specialist Augusta van Haga. How may she assist you?

Settling and dividing the estate

Our specialist gives you clear information about what is important in case of the division of an estate. Efforts will be made to find a resolution with the other heirs. If unsuccessful, our specialist can assist you in legal proceedings in court or before the subdistrict court, should you choose to proceed, after discussing the strategy together.


Executors of a will often may not fully comprehend the extent of their duties. Our specialist informs you about the responsibilities involved and the proper execution of tasks. As an heir, you may check whether the executor is properly performing their duties. If disputes between the executor and heir cannot be resolved, our inheritance lawyer provides assistance in legal proceedings.

Statutory share

If a child is wholly or partially disinherited, they retain the right to claim their child’s share, also known as the statutory share. Being disinherited can be emotionally challenging and difficult to accept for many children. The inheritance law specialist will discuss and assess with you whether there are grounds to contest the disinheritance.

If you have received something from the estate, the inheritance lawyer can explore the possibility of making an additional claim for your child’s share. Calculating the amount of your statutory share and asserting your claim is also something that our specialist can assist with.

Last will and testament

After the death of a loved one, it is crucial to verify whether a will has been made. If so, you may want to explore the possibility of contesting the will. For instance, was the person who made the will legally capable of making a will? Moreover, you might seek clarification of the actual contents of the will and its implications for you. Our inheritance lawyer will answer all of these inquiries for you.

Membership of specialist associations:

  • Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS)
  • Dutch Association of Inheritance Lawyers (VEAN), candidate for membership

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