Legal practice areas of ScheerSanders Lawyers

The client base of ScheerSanders is diverse. We cater to private individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as governments, non-profit organisations, and institutions in the pharmaceutical sector.

Professionals in the healthcare sector such as doctors, pharmacists, and dentists hold a special place in our client portfolio. In health law, we assist various types of healthcare institutions.

We handle employment law cases for both employers and employees, from contracts to dismissals. Many of our lawyers also represent entrepreneurs and their companies. With a wide range of expertise, including liability, personal injury, and procurement law, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best solutions in different types of cases.

Moreover, our firm has a substantial family law section. It stands out because of its extensive experience and expertise in family law matters, including international aspects. The family law section has access to a global network of specialist lawyers.

We handle many divorce cases involving entrepreneurs and possess unique expertise in relation to the tax and company law complications that may arise in such situations

Our legal practice areas

  • business law
  • commercial tenancy law
  • employment law for employers and employees
  • family law and juvenile law
  • health law
  • HR helpdesk
  • inheritance law
  • international child abduction
  • liability law for entrepreneurs and private individuals
  • mediation
  • personal injury
  • public procurement law

High-quality services

Because of our firm’s involvement in multiple legal practice areas and the close communication between our lawyers, they can easily and swiftly exchange their knowledge and experience. This ensures you always receive high-quality legal services. Moreover, we have a strong network of accountants, civil-law notaries, and tax advisors with whom we have long-standing collaborations. If necessary, they can be involved in handling your case, or we can refer you to them.

ScheerSanders combines the benefits of a manageable size with an extensive network. We provide a one-stop shop for a wide variety of legal matters.

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