Reasonable and affordable rates

The rates at ScheerSanders vary per lawyer, depending on experience and specialist area. Circumstances such as the client’s financial capacity, the financial importance of the case, and/or the level of urgency may sometimes warrant the use of a different rate. In all cases, clear agreements are made on remuneration during the initial meeting.

ScheerSanders always aims for a good balance between the importance of the case and remuneration. The relatively modest size of the firm has a favourable effect on costs.

Liability issues

The costs of legal assistance in liability cases generally should not be a hindrance to engaging a lawyer. If liability is established, the other party is obligated to pay the reasonable costs of legal representation. If liability is not acknowledged, and legal proceedings are necessary, flexible fee agreements can be made. These may include ScheerSanders working at a low, cost-covering rate. In the event of successful proceedings, an agreed-upon ‘success fee’ is subsequently charged.

ScheerSanders is frequently asked to provide a second opinion on the quality of legal representation. For clients of legal expenses insurers, most policy conditions include a dispute resolution clause. This clause offers the opportunity to obtain a second opinion at the expense of the insurance company if there is a difference of opinion on how a case is or should be handled.

Moreover, legal expenses insurers are legally obliged, when engaging a lawyer, to allow their policyholders to make the choice. At the time that legal proceedings must be conducted, the insured party has the right to choose their own lawyer at the insurer’s expense.

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