Liability law

Our liability lawyers protect clients’ interests in cases involving damage, loss or injury. Examples are breach of contract, defective products, personal injury, traffic accidents, contract disputes, and claims.

In this legal practice area, we draft contracts and give advice to clients on potential liability. We negotiate with parties such as your customer or an insurance company. We contribute ideas about the furnishing of proof, we conduct proceedings and, if necessary, prepare calculations of the loss.

For entrepreneurs, liability is often a matter of risk management: which risks does your company run and how can they be mitigated sensibly. We also regularly give advice to businesses facing liability claims.

A specific area of our expertise in liability law is personal injury. That is why we frequently assist private individuals following traffic accidents, workplace incidents, and medical injury.


Liability law can be divided into the following three subareas:

  • liability for entrepreneurs
  • liability for private individuals
  • personal injury

Lawyers specialising in liability law

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Liability for entrepreneurs

Prompt and decisive action is crucial if your business is facing difficulties or challenges. Examples of such situations are unfair competition, receiving a liability claim, or a partner who does not act in accordance with arrangements made. ScheerSanders Advocaten has experts specialising in contract law and the law of obligations. They can support and advise entrepreneurs in the stated areas. They help you find a suitable solution and assist you in legal proceedings if necessary.

Our specialist lawyers in liability law can assist entrepreneurs in the event of:

  • liability in case of business errors or breach of contract
  • product liability
  • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • professional liability
  • insurance disputes
  • loss
  • partnerships

Liability for private individuals

You may suffer loss as a private individual due to non-delivery of agreed services or products. A dispute might arise with a seller of a product or service or with a company that provided a service. You may also be dissatisied with a medical treatment. You might want to hold a company or healthcare provider liable for the loss and claim compensation.

ScheerSanders Advocaten has specialists in consumer law, contract law, and medical liability law who can assist and advise you as a private individual. They help you find a suitable solution and assist you in legal proceedings if necessary.

Our specialist lawyers in liability law can assist private individuals in the event of:

  • consumer law
  • purchase and sale of products and/or goods
  • distance buying
  • provision of services

Personal injury

Personal injury can occur in various ways, not only through traffic accidents, but also as a result of incidents such as workplace accidents, violent offences, or the conduct of animals or children. Damage or loss can also be caused by the owner of a building or road (structure). The consequences often extend beyond financial aspects, impacting individuals psychologically.

The specialised team of personal injury lawyers at ScheerSanders Advocaten can assist you in enforcing liability. If necessary, we pursue legal action to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for damages.

We can assist you in the event of:

  • traffic accidents
  • workplace accidents
  • occupational diseases
  • liability for children, animals, and defective structures
  • damages resulting from death

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