International child abduction

What should you do if your child has been taken abroad without permission? Or if you are accused of international child abduction?

Our specialists can advise you on what you should and should not do. They also assist you in the procedure to have your child returned to the country of origin. This is referred to as the return procedure.

Potential child abduction

The International Child Abduction Center (CIKO) provides a lot of information on child abduction and the actions you can take to prevent child abduction.

The government also provides information on this matter.


Our lawyers specialised in international child abduction can assist you with:

  • advice and information in case of potential child abduction
  • assistance in the event of international child abduction to the Netherlands (inbound IKO)
  • support and advice for removing a child from the Netherlands to a foreign country (outbound IKO)
  • advice and information about the position of the removing parent or the parent who is left behind

Family Lawyers

Meet our family law team specialising in international child abduction: Augusta van Haga and Hilde Dreesmann-Bruijntjes. How may they assist you?

International child abduction from another country to the Netherlands

If your child has been brought to the Netherlands without the other parent’s consent, we recommend that you seek advice as soon as possible. This also applies if you have come to the Netherlands with your child. Taking prompt action is important upon receiving a notification from the Central Authority for International Child Abduction. Often, the initial steps taken can significantly determine your position in a return procedure.

Perhaps you and the other parent can reach agreement on what is best for the child. If not, the specialist at ScheerSanders Advocaten will discuss further options with you. This involves not only initiating legal proceedings but also cross-border mediation.

Our specialists have contact with lawyers abroad, enabling them to properly assess your legal position in the other country. This is crucial if you need to conduct legal proceedings in that country or if your child needs to return there. These short lines of communication facilitate swift clarification of the situation.

International child abduction from the Netherlands to another country

In cases of outbound international child abduction, our specialists often give advice to the parent involved. The starting point is that a return procedure is conducted in the country where the child has been taken. ScheerSanders Advocaten can only conduct legal proceedings in the Netherlands. However, our specialist assists in locating a specialised lawyer abroad if necessary. Collaborating with this lawyer involves discussing strategies and determining any potential legal proceedings in the Netherlands. Sometimes, proceedings regarding the return to the Netherlands can also be initiated in Dutch courts.

Because each situation is unique, our specialists provide advice tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you are the removing parent or the parent who is left behind. We do not distinguish between these roles.

Since our specialists in international child abduction are also well-versed in family law, they can offer comprehensive advice on international child abduction and its potential impact on parental authority and/or access.

Membership of specialist assocations: The Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers (D.I.A.L.) and the International Child Abduction Center (CIKO).

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