Anne Vokurka-Viruly

Lawyer specialising in health law and public procurement law

Anne Vokurka-Viruly is a lawyer who specialises in health law and procurement law.
She primarily assists entrepreneurs, including a wide range of healthcare institutions. Anne is sharp, quick, and clear. She provides concrete answers and offers practical solutions. She knows the ins and outs of both health law and procurement law, and she provides her clients with high-quality legal advice. Anne is an advisor and a brainstorming partner, but she also regularly appears in court.


+31(0)70 365 99 33

More about Anne Vokurka-Viruly

Anne enjoys thoroughly researching legal issues and translating them into understandable choices for her clients. She is structured and driven and has an open and cheerful personality. Since 1 January 2024 Anne is co-owner (partner) of ScheerSanders advocaten.

Health law

Health law is constantly changing and is derived from a wide range of laws. Anne actively keeps her knowledge up to date in this field. She graduated cum laude from the Grotius Health Law programme.

Anne gives advice on the full and wide range of health law. She serves as the in-house counsel for multiple healthcare institutions and regularly represents their healthcare providers in disciplinary proceedings. For healthcare enterprises, she drafts contracts ranging from treatment agreements to collaboration agreements. She also assists healthcare enterprises with emergencies, disputes, and various medical-legal issues.

Procurement law

In addition to health law, Anne has been enjoyed assisting entrepreneurs in procurement law for many years. A large group of businesses now consider Anne to be their ‘go-to’ person in procurement law, including both buyers and contracting authorities. While procurement law may seem formalistic, Anne explains clearly what is going on and what is advisable for you and your business to do. She guides you step by step in tactical considerations regarding the request for information, the award decision, and any potential preliminary relief proceedings. Anne also regularly gives courses in procurement law.

Memberships and registrations

  • Vereniging voor Gezondheidsrecht: VGR (Association for Health Law)
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht: NVvA (Dutch Association for Procurement Law)

In the register of legal practice areas of the Netherlands Bar Association, Anne has registered the following principal legal practice areas:

  • health law
  • procurement law

Based on this registration, she is obligated to obtain ten training points each calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area according to the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.


Anne specializes in the following legal areas:

  • health law
  • procurement law
  • disciplinary law
  • patient rights / Wkkgz (Dutch law on quality, complaints and disputes in healthcare)
  • treatment agreements
  • Healthcare Professions Act (Wet BIG)
  • collaborations in healthcare
  • supervision and enforcement by the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate ( IGJ)
  • public procurement in youth care
  • attachment and execution law