Personal injury and liability

Personal injury can occur in various ways, not only through traffic accidents, but also as a result of incidents such as workplace accidents, violent offences, or the conduct of animals or children. Damage or loss can also be caused by the owner of a building or road (structure).

The consequences often extend beyond financial aspects, impacting individuals psychologically.

The team of lawyers specialising in personal injury and liability law at ScheerSanders Advocaten can assist you in enforcing liability. If necessary, we pursue legal action to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for damages.


Our specialist lawyers can assist you in the event of:

  • traffic accidents
  • workplace accidents
  • occupational diseases
  • liability for children, animals, and defective structures
  • damages resulting from death

Lawyers specialising in personal injury and liability law

Meet our team specialised in personal injury and liability: Eric-Jan Krijgsman (personal injury) and Liza Stellingwerf. How may they assist you?

Traffic accidents

If you are a victim of a traffic accident, that is already serious enough. You should know that the person responsible for a traffic accident will have to pay for your damages. These damages could include material loss, such as loss of income and expenses for medical treatments. The person responsible for the accident must also pay for the non-material damages, known as damages for emotional distress. This also applies to the costs of the personal injury lawyer and experts to be engaged, including our regular medical advisor, as part of the total damages. Our personal injury specialist, Eric-Jan Krijgsman, is here to assist you.

Workplace accidents

You may fall victim to an accident during your work activities. Examples are falling from a scaffold during paintwork or getting caught in machinery causing severe injury. Our expert team possesses the knowledge and experience to investigate if the employer can be held liable for the consequences of a workplace accident. If so, we provide full support and ensure the best possible compensation.

Occupational diseases

You might suffer or have suffered harm due to workplace conditions, such as working with hazardous substances (including asbestos) causing lung problems or working under excessive pressure or in the wrong position, leading to occupational diseases. With our specialised team, we assess whether the employer can be held liable for the consequences of the developed occupational disease. If there is a possibility, we ensure liability is enforced, even if it requires legal action. Subsequently, we work with you to achieve suitable compensation.

Liability for children, animals, and defective structures

Under certain circumstances, parents can be held liable for damages caused by their child’s actions. Similarly, the owner of an animal that causes an accident may be held responsible. Furthermore, it is important to know that the road authority must ensure proper and safe road equipment. If this is not the case, the road authority, as the owner of the defective structure, might be liable for the damages you suffer. Examples are unsafe road barriers or loose pavement slabs resulting in an accident. The specialised team at ScheerSanders Advocaten is familiar with the laws and regulations and assists you in obtaining appropriate compensation.

Damages resulting from death

In the case of a death resulting from an accident, we can assist the surviving family members in obtaining damages resulting from death. This includes loss of livelihood and funeral expenses. The specialists at ScheerSanders Advocaten assist you during this challenging period.

Membership of specialist associations: Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA), and The Hague Employment Lawyers Association (VHAA).

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