Family and juvenile law

Every year, many relationships come to an end. When filing for divorce, dissolving a registered partnership, or ending cohabitation, many matters need to be addressed, especially when children are involved. This includes spousal maintenance, child maintenance, drafting a parenting plan, and other financial settlements.

The family lawyers at ScheerSanders Advocaten are here to assist you in these situations.

Even in cases where a relationship is not terminated, you may require a family lawyer, such as for disputes related to guardianship or custody or for a name change. ScheerSanders Advocaten can also provide assistance in these matters.

Our family lawyers have attended various specialist training courses. They are genuine experts who closely monitor developments and case law in the field of family and juvenile law.


Our specialist lawyers can assist you in the event of:

  • adoption
  • child abduction
  • child maintenance
  • child protection measures
  • custody and guardianship
  • custody disputes
  • dissolution of registered partnership
  • divorce
  • financial settlement
  • curatorship, administration and protection order
  • international family law
  • mediation
  • name change
  • pension issues
  • recognition, judicial determination of parenthood, and adoption
  • termination of cohabitation
  • annulment of recognition, denial of parenthood, revocation of adoption
  • registration, completion, correction of civil status records

Family and Juvenile lawyers

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Divorce, dissolution of registered partnership, and termination of cohabitation

When the relationship ends, the family lawyers at ScheerSanders Advocaten can assist you in settling the entire procedure, including the property settlement. This includes the division of the community of property and the settlement of prenuptial agreements. We also address the pension-related aspects of terminating the relationship, ensuring that everything is arranged properly for the future.

Child maintenance and spousal maintenance

When a relationship involving children comes to an end, a parenting plan must be drawn up. Depending on the custody arrangements, child maintenance might be required. In cases of divorce or the termination of a registered partnership, there might also be a right to spousal maintenance. The family lawyers at ScheerSanders Advocaten will investigate this for you and assist in the settlement.

Parenthood, custody, and guardianship

When children are born from a marriage or registered partnership, the father automatically has parental authority over them. If there is no marriage or registered partnership, the father must acknowledge the children and apply for parental authority to have the same rights and responsibilities as the mother. Naturally, disputes may also arise between two parents with parental authority, in which case the lawyers at ScheerSanders Advocaten can advise and, if necessary, represent you in legal proceedings.

Child protection measures, curatorship, administration and protection order

In some cases, there may be suspicions that a minor is seriously restricted in their development. In such cases, child protection measures may be taken such as a family supervision order, placement in care, or termination of custody. The family lawyers at ScheerSanders Advocaten can assist you in these situations. This also applies to cases concerning curatorship, administration and protection order.

Membership of specialist associations:

  • Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS)
  • Mediators’ Federation Netherlands (MFN);
  • International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL);
  • The Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers (D.I.A.L.)

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