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Are you embroiled in a legal dispute and in need of guidance? Or do you require legal advice on specific matters? Are you searching for a law firm in The Hague or its vicinity?

Meet ScheerSanders Lawyers. We are a law firm based in The Hague, boasting a substantial team of lawyers specialising in:

Our law firm in The Hague provides legal services to both private individuals and entrepreneurs. Would you like more information about how our lawyers can assist you? Please feel free to contact us for further information!

Why choose ScheerSanders Lawyers?

ScheerSanders Advocaten, a law firm located in The Hague, offers legal services to private individuals, entrepreneurs, and healthcare providers. There is often an overlap between various legal practice areas, and our law firm boasts broad specialisations. As a private individual, you can entrust your case to us. We are also readily available to serve corporate clients.

We have a dedicated SME team that possesses knowledge, experience, and expertise to identify the best possible solutions. For many years, our law firm has assisted entrepreneurs in handling disputes with employees, property transactions, liability issues, or other legal complexities within business law.

For HR/PZ (Human Resources/Personnel Department) staff in small and medium-sized enterprises, ScheerSanders Lawyers offers an HR helpdesk that provides prompt responses to your queries.

For both private individuals and entrepreneurs, we prioritise our clients. We have a personalised and pragmatic approach, work swiftly and efficiently and strive to find the best legal solutions for you. Our motto is ‘prevention is better than cure,’ but if legal proceedings ensue, we are ready to assist you.

About ScheerSanders Lawyers

Established in 1991, ScheerSanders Lawyers is a medium-sized law firm in The Hague that has built a broad and diverse clientele over the years. We provide high-quality legal services, specialise in various legal practice areas, and maintain short lines of communication, making the exchange of knowledge and experience very easy within our team.

When necessary, we collaborate with professionals from our extensive network comprising accountants, tax advisors, and civil-law notaries. If a referral seems necessary for optimal results, we will do so in consultation with you. We always prioritise what is best for our clients.

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Looking for a law firm in The Hague? ScheerSanders Lawyers is at your service. For further inquiries or to discuss your case, please feel free to contact us without obligation. Telephone us directly at 070 365 99 33 or complete our contact form. We are here to assist you.

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