It is a sad but statistical reality that every year a considerable part of relationships (cohabiting, married and registered partnership) ends. When terminating a relationship, there are matters that need to be arranged. You can hand over this legal settlement with confidence to our experienced and expert family team at ScheerSanders.

Specialised (international) family lawyers

Our specialised family lawyers can assist you in case of:

  • Sharing the care for the children/contact arrangements;
  • Child support;
  • Communication about the children;
  • Partner maintenance;
  • Division of property (including settlement of prenuptial agreements and distribution of joint property);
  • Pension issues.

Family law involving intrepreneurs

In addition, ScheerSanders represents the interests of clients in the following areas:

A number of our lawyers have – also – specialised in family law cases involving entrepreneurs. This is where corporate and tax aspects play an important role. ScheerSanders has the in-depth knowledge and professional experience to support clients in these matters.

  • Recognition of parentage, acknowledgement of paternity and adoption;
  • Annulment of the recognition, denial of parenthood, revocation of the adoption;
  • Parental responsibility and custody;
  • Parental responsibility disputes;
  • (International) child abduction;
  • Child protection measures (supervision orders, care orders and termination of parental responsibility);
  • Annulment of legal capacity;
  • Name change;
  • Registering, adding and amending civil registry deeds.

International family law issues

ScheerSanders is particularly knowledgeable in family law issues with international aspects and has access to a worldwide network of specialised family law lawyers.

Membership specialist associations: Association of Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Mediators (vFAS), Mediators Federatie Nederland (MFN), International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) and Child Abduction Center (IKO).

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